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Metrics Reporting has joined forces with Drasgow Consulting Group to offer talent assessments under the JOFI™ (Job Fit) brand.

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  • Evidence-Based

    Our models for evidence-based selection, evidence-based career pathways, and O*NET-based Confirmatory Job Analysis all relate to the use of assessments.

  • Experienced

    MRI has an extensive history working with partners in the assessment business, including with the ACT Workforce Division and their WorkKeys product line, and with Educational Testing Service and their WorkFORCE product line.

  • Easy To Use

    The JOFI compensatory scoring system enables clients to combine scores for cognitive, personality, career interests, Skill Survey reference checks, and structured interview guides.

JOFI™ Assessments

The JOFI™ assessment suite includes three assessments: Quick Prescreen, Personality Traits, and Thinking Skills. The JOFI Assessment Management System (JAMS) includes our unique 5-Star compensatory scoring system. The 5-Star scoring system enables clients to combine scores for assessments, Skill Survey reference checks, and structured interview guides. The scoring system enables clients to use banding and unique score combinations to maximize predictive validity and simultaneously minimize adverse impact.

  • JOFI Quick Prescreen

    The prescreen test is used to prescreen candidates when employers have large pools of applicants. This is a short 40 item assessment based on 6 personality traits that can be completed in 5 to 7 minutes and integrated with applicant tracking systems.

  • JOFI Personality Traits

    The personality assessment is a 20-minute test that measures 15 personality traits and summarizes scores for the Big Five personality dimensions:

    • Agreeableness - Compassionate, Cooperative, and Helpful
    • Conscientiousness - Ambitious, Responsible, Organized, and Principled
    • Extraversion - Assertive, Active, and Sociable
    • Emotional Stability - Balanced, Composed, and Optimistic
    • Openness - Creative and Analytical
  • JOFI Thinking Skills

    The thinking skills assessment is a 20-minute test that measures 3 mental ability traits and provides an overall score that is an indicator of critical thinking and problem solving.

    • Reading – A synonym/antonym score that indicates reading level.
    • Forms – An information literacy score that indicates skills in reading and data entry in forms.
    • Math – A basic mathematics score that indicates basic math and numeracy skills.

The JOFI Assessment Management System (JAMS) allows users to define organizations and appoint roles within organizations. Users can be assigned multiple roles (e.g. administrator, team members, and test takers) in multiple organizations. The platform is designed and implemented to provide maximum flexibility and information security.

The JOFI brand name is a short combination of letters in Job Fit and is pronounced "Joe-Fee."


JOFI scoring explanation

Assessment scores are reported on a scale of 1 to 9. A 1 indicates the person is low on that element and a 9 indicates the person is high on that element. Generally speaking, if we test 100 people, the number of people at each score level will be:

  • Level 1 — 4 people
  • Level 2 — 7 people
  • Level 3 — 12 people
  • Level 4 — 17 people
  • Level 5 — 20 people
  • Level 6 — 17 people
  • Level 7 — 12 people
  • Level 8 — 7 people
  • Level 9 — 4 people

Note that scores are not evenly distributed between the 9 levels. In fact, the majority of test takers will score in the 4-6 range (in our example, 54 out of 100 test takers). The 4-6 range indicates an average level of the element being measured, so you can expect most people to score in this range. Fewer people will score in the 1-3 range (noticeably low) or the 7-9 range (noticeably high).

In statistical terms, JOFI scores are called Stanines. For a more detailed understanding refer to our JOFI Assessment Scores illustration.

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